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Lori Totman - Lori was first introduced to recreational tree climbing by watching a video and immediately thought… “I don’t want to watch someone else climb a tree, I want to learn to do it myself!  She found tree climbing U.S.A. in Atlanta Georgia, fell in love with Abe Winters and John Routon and the rest is history!  This led to Lori becoming part owner and facilitator with Natural Fit Outdoor Adventures.  She hopes to see you in a tree soon! 
Tim Mason - One of the owners, a self-proclaimed Luddite, never the conformist who always fought back when the pressing issue of “what do you want to be when you grow up?” reared its ugly head.  That is until recently when he finally realized what he wants to” be”.  “I WANT TO BE A KID! “  “I want to go fishing, swim in the river and climb trees, it’s a Natural Fit.”  While attempting to figure all this out he spent a lot of years as a Wildlife Biologist (“and he can honestly say with a job like that he never really ‘worked’ a day in his life”). Tim first climbed with the Honorable Abe Winters and Mister John Routen 10 years ago and he has not been the same since (take that for what it is worth!).

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