Welcome to “Recreational Tree Climbing” with Natural Fit Outdoor Adventures -- central Ohio’s outdoor experience. Our goal is providing an environmentally friendly method of ascending into the branches. Utilizing techniques once reserved for the professional arborist you will gain access to the branches previously reserved for our feathered friends. Recreational tree climbing is fun and challenging for the “kid” in us all.

If you are like most of us, you can still hear a parent’s firm voice, “Get down out of that tree before you fall!” Yet the trees beckoned to us and we found a peaceful respite in the cool trees surrounded by leaves and the earthy smell of summer. The trees are still calling and now you can find that cherished escape of your youth.

Natural Fit Outdoor Adventures offers guided tree climbing experiences for adults and children. Anyone, regardless of age, can learn to climb a tree on rope and the only requirement is that you want to have fun in the trees!

Trained staff will take you step
-by-step to a fun adventure in the tree. All necessary equipment will be ready upon your scheduled arrival to get you started.

Natural Fit Outdoor Adventures’ staff has been trained by professional recreational tree climbers and has many years experience with recreational tree climbing.

When was the last time you spent a lazy afternoon enjoying the sights and sounds from high atop a tree? Come experience and enjoy the adventure as we reacquaint you to the joy of climbing a tree.

Kids of all ages climbing trees: it’s a Natural Fit!

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